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Honduras is famous English-speaking Bay Islands are renowned as a world class international dive and vacation destination and Copan, in the interior of the country, is one the world’s great archaeological treasures. Over eighty percent of the land comprises rugged hills and mountains covered with tropical cloud forests which sweep into verdant valleys. In these hills, giant banana, pineapple and coffee plantations flourish. On the southern cost, the mountains give way to thick mangrove swamps along the gulf of Fonesca.
Along the northern coast you will find great savannas and grasslands, as well 399 miles of beautiful beeches, colonial fortresses, towns and the isolated lowlands of La Mosquita.
The inhabitants of  Honduras are as diverse as their country, and as warm and friendly as they are hospitable. From Indian cultures to Mayan relics; from unusual and endangered wildlife to the great Atlantic and the Pacific oceans, Honduras is an  exciting vacation destination, catering to a diversified range of eco-tourists and explores as well as sea, sun and sand worshipers of all ages.

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