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 Peru located in the western South America, where you can find diversity from Cuzco to Lake Titicaca, the wonders of the Incas in Machu Picchu, or traveling through the jungle or over the Nazca Lines. Lima is a city of colors, textures and sounds. It is a cosmopolitan city by excellence with colonial balconies, old houses, and churches. Lima’s Hisuth Amtorical Centre, was declared a World Cultural Heritage in 1988.
Machu Picchu is among the most impressive places, with enormous temples, palaces, fortresses and public works, Machu Picchu, a sacred site of the Incas, is now acknowledged as South America’s most spectacular site on the continent. Its remote location nearly inaccessible terrain high above a river canyon cloud forest. Cuzco, the gateway to Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley, is surrounded by the wonders of nature and impressive architectural ruins. The Sacred Valley is one of the most important parts of Cuzco.

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